white oak Johnson's Mound Forest Preserve

Blackberry Township

41W600 Hughes Rd.
Elburn, IL

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Johnson's Mound is a heavily wooded classic example of a stratified gravel hill known as a "kame", which was deposited by glacial ice and water some 10,000 years ago. This kame is a prominent feature on our mid-county landscape, rising 50 feet above the surrounding tributaries of Blackberry Creek and the glacial outwash plain.
Much of the woods here is of nature preserve quality and there is a serenity in the deep woods that offers a special "get away from it all", feeling for those wanting a quiet walk in the woods. Outside the woods is an open sledding hill, a five (5) acre mowed recreational area and a cabin on the edge, which is used for small gatherings.
The preserve was expanded in the 80's by adding some open fields on the north, where woodland and prairie restorations are underway and a prominent FBI tower is in this area. It is important not to try to add too many other features or activities here for there is a danger of losing the important peace and solitude for incidental or trivial improvements.
Johnson's Mound is located on Hughes Road, approximately 1 mile west of Fabyan Parkway. This site is a hill rising some 200 feet above the rolling prairie around it.

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