white oak Oakhurst Forest Preserve

Aurora Township

1680 Fifth Ave.
Aurora, IL

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Oakhurst is a premier example of environmental restoration and a fine natural oasis in an urban setting where a silt-laden canary grass wetland was restored to a high quality marsh. Lake Patterson, a sparkling fifty-five acre lake, now serves as a flood control and detention system for the east side of Aurora. It is much more than that however, for by natural means this system converts muddy, oily polluted water from city streets into clear body contact quality water and an excellent fish habitat. The Wild Rice, Bull Rushes, White Water Crowfoot and many other choice marsh, shoreline and aquatic plants make this a haven for wetland critters and a special treat for area bird watchers. Two twenty acre woodlands with a full complement of understory and native herbaceous flora qualify this place for County nature preserve status and underpin the exceptional faunal diversity here. In 1993, Lake Patterson was named commemorating retired County Commissioner Donald Patterson. 
Oakhurst is located on Fifth Avenue, approximately 1/2 mile east of Farnsworth Avenue in Aurora. This forest preserve has a 55-acre lake/marsh complex that provides excellent opportunities for fishing and wildlife observation.