white oak Buffalo Park Forest Preserve

Dundee Township

1 Alan Dr.
Algonquin, IL

Picnic Areas

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Buffalo Park Forest Preserve is a beautiful, wooded area along a three-quarter mile stretch of Fox River shoreline.
The preserve was aquired in the 1980s, after decades of use as a private camp/recreation area. The District initially offered a campground at the site as well, but after numerous devastating flood events, the campground infrastructure was removed.  In its place are picnic areas, a loop trail, access to fishing, several parking areas and restrooms.
In 1992-93, a former ski hill on the site began operating as Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park.

While the preserve is realtively young compared to the District's formation, this property was long coveted by the Forest Preserve Commission. Minutes of the September 1925 Commission meeting indicate this property was originally under consideration for purchase at that time!
A narrow band of oak/maple forest separates Illinois Route 31 from the more-active portion of the preserve.