white oak HR Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the District headquarters located?
    Fox Valley Ice Arena, Third Floor, 1996 South Kirk Road, Geneva, IL 60134
  2. Where is the job located?
    It depends on the position. The District has satellite offices throughout the county.
  3. What is the procedure to apply?
    Each applicant must submit an application to be considered. Visit our website at www.kaneforest.com to apply on-line or if you do not have internet access, visit your local library or our District’s headquarters in Geneva, IL.
  4. How long will my application be kept on file?
    With our new on-line application tracking system, applications will be kept electronically indefinitely. However, applicants are responsible for re-applying for future openings.
  5. How old do I have to be to work for the forest preserve?
    Eighteen years old.
  6. What type of schooling is needed?
    It depends on the position. Each requires different levels of education and experience.
  7. Are there any other types of certifications or requirements needed?
    The job/position description will detail any certification or licenses required.
  8. What does the hiring range indicate?
    The hiring range lists the position’s salary minimum and midpoint. This is the salary range in which a new employee is hired in at, depending upon education, training and experience.
  9. Where can I find the job/position description?
    Visit our website at www.kaneforest.com for job/position description or if you do not have internet access, visit your local library or our District’s headquarters in Geneva, IL.
  10. When will I be notified of an interview?
    The top candidates will be scheduled for interviews as soon as the applications have been reviewed, which may take 7 to 10 days after the closing date.
  11. When will interviews be scheduled?
    After the position posting closes, the supervisor will review all applications. That process will take an estimate of 7 to 10 days, and then the top candidates will be contacted to set up interviews.
  12. When will the District make a decision?
    The chosen candidate will be notified 5 to 7 days after the last interview. During that time period, reference checks will be made.
  13. Do you have any job openings?
    All of the District’s job openings are posted on our website at www.kaneforest.com or you can visit any of our satellite areas or call the HR department for updates.
  14. What are the hours?
    It depends on the position. Non-exempt (hourly) positions are limited to a 40 hour workweek, which may include evenings, weekends and/or holidays for field positions.