white oak Kane Forest Notify

Report issues directly to the Forest Preserve District of Kane County using your smartphone or computer!

  1. Submit a Request: Click in the Address bar below, to enter the address of the preserve OR enter the name of the preserve.
  2. Confirm Location: Once the preserve is reflected on the map, click “Confirm Location.” Note, Kane Forest Notify is only for forest preserve and District trail-related issues. If a red box says “Location is outside of service area, you must move the map to the specific forest preserve location for your issue.
  3. Select a Request Category: Select your issue from the request categories shown.
  4. Add Photo: Upload a photo of the issue (if you have one). This will identify the exact GPS coordinates for our staff, and also help us to respond appropriately. If you do not have a photo, select “No Photo.”
  5. Confirm Details: Enter the details of your issue. Additionally, provide the nearest landmark info, if available. Confirm your details, when finished.
  6. Submit Request: You may submit your request as yourself, anonymously, or as a guest.

    Note: These services are provided for areas within the Forest Preserve District of Kane County.