white oak 2018 Comprehensive Master Plan

2018 Comprehensive Master Plan
Reconnecting Residents with Nature
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The Forest Preserve District of Kane County has committed to providing a Comprehensive Master Plan that outlines the direction of the District for the next five years and beyond. To create this plan, we reached out to residents, elected officials and staff to share their impressions of the preserves -- both strengths and areas that need improvement. The vision, objectives and action plans put forth in this Comprehensive Master Plan were all shaped by this process.

The Forest Preserve District is an integral part of Kane County. Since 1925, the District has been acquiring and preserving land to enhance the quality of life for its residents, and to protect our tremendous natural resources. Analysis of the preserve system, input from the public open houses, public surveys, and board and staff meetings have highlighted how the preserves are a unique, defining element within Kane County communities.

Many external influences and distinctive characteristics have a significant impact on how this plan is shaped; jurisdiction, demographics and land-use composition are some of the many elements. This study is a planning and programming process, whereby needs are identified and appropriate strategies are developed to meet needs.

Through feedback in various forms, Kane County residents regularly mention how fortunate they are to have an incredible system of forest preserves that they feel is essential to their quality of life. We at the Forest Preserve District of Kane County are grateful for that support and acknowledge the District's founders and many generations of volunteers, commissioners and staff, who have all played a part in making the preserve system what it is today. We understand the role the District plays in creating a healthy, livable community -- and feel we must strive to do even more.

Look around and you'll see modern life is dominated by multi-tasking and technology. Generations have slowly gravitated toward electronic devices -- television, computers, tablets and cell phones -- and away from spending time outside. Reintroducing people to the outdoors and reconnecting them with nature needs to be a role of the District. Our vision for this Comprehensive Master Plan is to continue to provide wonderful opportunities for all age groups to enjoy the outdoors in the Kane County forest preserves, with a focus on getting youth -- fully embracing the technology age -- back outside. Put simply, our vision is Reconnecting Residents with Nature.

2018 Update
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Chapter 1: A High-Performing System
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Chapter 2: Trends
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Chapter 3: Existing Conditions
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Chapter 4: Maintaining the System
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Chapter 5: Managing Growth
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Chapter 6: Objectives & Action Plans
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Chapter 7: Guidelines & Standards
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