white oak Press Releases

The latest news and releases to keep you up to date with your forest preserve. Don't forget to check back often, you would not want to miss any special events.

DatePress Release
07/28/15 Join us at "Mosquitoes: More than Meets the Compound Eye" program
07/24/15 Forest Preserve District seeks job applicants
07/23/15 Join the Forest Preserve District on a "Bat Watch" Aug. 11 and Aug. 13
07/20/15 Forest Preserve District invites area seniors out for a stroll, Aug. 6
07/16/15 Take an evening walk at Muirhead Springs at Aug. 12 nature program
07/14/15 Get up close and personal with aquatic life at Tyler Creek Forest Preserve
06/24/15 Fascinating Falcon: Learn about the American Kestrel, July 19
06/23/15 It's all about snakes at our July 18 nature program
06/22/15 Take a hike along Fabyan's Fox River, June 24
06/18/15 St. Charles Active River Task Force Announces Public Open House to Review Riverfront Design Concepts
06/16/15 Add to the Fabyan Windmill Time Capsule!
06/15/15 Watch the Firefly Fireworks at Campton Forest Preserve
06/09/15 Forest Preserve District invites area seniors out for a July 2 stroll
06/03/15 Get "Hooked on Fishing" June 20 at Oakhurst Forest Preserve in Aurora
05/27/15 Celebrate Pollinator Week with the Forest Preserve District!
05/21/15 Learn about the botany of Tomo Chi-Chi Knolls, on June 18
05/19/15 Celebrate 100 years at the Fabyan Windmill!
05/18/15 Detours into Big Rock Campground begin this week
05/15/15 See damsels, dragons and darners at Burnidge Forest Preserve
05/15/15 Stop by Creek Bend Nature Center for summer Story Times
05/14/15 Area seniors invited on stroll through Rutland Forest Preserve
05/12/15 Learn about Tekakwitha Woods' history at June 2 nature program
05/08/15 Free vessel checks of recreational watercraft on May 23
05/05/15 Attend a Public Open House to discuss a potential bike route on May 12
05/04/15 "Boating Safely" course held on Saturday, May 9, at Brewster Creek